Irregular Isn’t Irrational

To be or I am or I was or I will The verb sum does not get the credit and spotlight it deserves. Now, before the pitchforks are lit, hear me out. The present tense of sum gets more than it’s fair share of spotlight time, but what about the imperfect and […]

Grammar Grows When You Water It

Grammar is the hardest part of learning any language, especially when it is not stressed in the learner’s native language. Several people have told me, and I agree, that “I learned more about my own language by studying [insert language here]” I mostly hear this comment about Latin. (shocker!) The process […]

Coursing Through Instruction

A river is the source of life in an ecosystem just as instruction is the source of knowledge in the classroom. The factors that contribute to the course of the river can be equated to the keys of successful instruction. Rapid Waters or Calming Currents Instruction has two paces, rapidly […]

Double Edged Sword

Technology is a double edged sword. It has the ability to connect us to every inch of the world, yet can disconnect us from the people right in front of us. There are several times that I have created a relationship with someone through social media, but I find it […]

A Year in a Bar

Life is completely what you make it. This is a common theme throughout literature and history, just think of Horace’s catch phrase, “Carpe diem.” Horace’s poetry revolves around this theme and he has many other ways of saying “get out there and do something.” (And Horace is about as externally […]

How to Effectively Stretch a Rubber Band

Rubber bands are very under appreciated. They get a bad reputation for drying out and being painful. However, they make a great metaphor for the strength and weaknesses one, myself in particular, might have about teaching. Slip The slip relates to those moments during instruction when either a tangent or excess […]

Technology Teacher Tool Kit

There are an enormous amount of resources out there for all different kinds of teachers. Therefore, through a class assignment and my own nature I have created a couple Pinterest Boards to compile these resources in an easy access location. There are six boards as so: Classroom Ideas A more […]

Moods of Foods. . .Wait I Mean Verbs

In English class, we never talk about the mood of verbs. Moods become something people feel, not the different uses of verbs. I had not heard the word “mood” in relation to grammar until I took Latin. For those that are lost, hopefully I can feed you something to help […]

Finding the Source of the Poison Apple

Dissection There are many different ways to document taking apart an iPhone, or any digital device. I originally thought of just taking pictures of the steps as I went. Then a friend suggested recording the process. I considered that for the longest time. And that was my plan up until […]

Dying, Living or Dead as a Doornail

What defines something as living? If I recall from my tenth grade biology class, something can be classified as living if it has cells, reproduces, energy, adapts, grows, evolves and responses. Is it possible then to define a language as living? Proof of Life Cells: The words of the language. […]