The Statue of Laocoon

The Awe of LaocoonWhen I first saw this sculpture, I was in awe. The Hellenistic style is so dramatic that the artistic ability is even more amazing. Before this trip I was in AP Latin and was translating the Aeneid. My Latin teacher had shown us the sculpture in class and it was rather remarkable. But in person, it was really a moment of amazement. I did not take pictures in the churches during this trip. I carried this habit into the Vatican, but once I saw Laocoon that habit went out the window. After that, I captured all the Roman sculpture that were in the Vatican museum.

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Latin is my major and teaching is my aim. I enjoy puns and making learning and life dorkily effective. This is the term I use to define my teaching philosophy. It means that things do get done, but can be done in a dorky fashion.

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