Loose-Leaf Media

There will be multiple topics within this topic pertaining to each forms of media. It will mainly be commentary regarding my flag post and a way to collect my portfolio of lessons I have planned that I would like to share and interesting sides of planning instruction that I have found useful.

Assessment Cookbook

Choosing the Menu and the overlap Imagine you’re planning the dinner menu for the week. What are some of the things you do? You look up recipes, read the recipes and make sure you have all the ingredients for the recipes, and maybe think of what ingredients are used for multiple […]

Rooms of Instruction

Instruction can be thought of as a house. There are many factors to consider when a teacher plans instruction, just as there are many rooms that go into the layout of a house. Houses vary each other; there are ranch style, split level, traditional and so forth, and the same can be said […]

Flag Post

This semester I am taking a Digital Studies class and we explore the ability of claiming a space on this giant thing called the world wide web. I have set up my “Domain of One’s Own” given to me by my university during my freshman year and let it just […]