A Year in a Bar

Junior Barcode

Covers photos from June 2015 to April 2016

Life is completely what you make it. This is a common theme throughout literature and history, just think of Horace’s catch phrase, “Carpe diem.” Horace’s poetry revolves around this theme and he has many other ways of saying “get out there and do something.”

(And Horace is about as externally scholarly this topic gets. It is more internally scholarly)

Biggest Advice to a College Kid

It took me three years, but “getting out there” is what this year has been. If I had the option between being in my room or out and about, I went out. The same went for studying. If I had to study, I wouldn’t do it in my own room (though that is a preference and not universal) I went to either the library or the convergence center. However, my active lifestyle wasn’t a random burst, it had been building momentum, so this year is and is not a surprise at the same time.

People vs. Friends

Everyone is different on how they view people who are and aren’t their friends. Some say people are just friends waiting to be made. For others, the transition from a person to a friend is a bit of a process. These are the people that are worth knowing. They will help you tear down boxes that people put you in. And yes, they might have put you in that box at first, but you might have done the same.

Boxes are Only Cardboard

By habit or nature, we tend to put people in boxes in our minds. When people notice it, the placement in a box can define them more than we realize. One thing that made a difference this year is I did not let people put me in a box that I did not belong in. If they did, I burned the box. After all, it is only cardboard.

Leaving a Mark

This year has left many marks in my memory that I would not trade for any other moment. It has been the best roller coaster I have ever been on. Therefore, I wanted to see every part of my year at once, hence the bar. I obtained this idea after a professor showed my group the Movie Barcode. They all thought it was the coolest thing, so we set out to make our own. However, I did not want a barcode of some movie trailer, I wanted to see something that rang true to the amazing year I had. So I took what I count as the start of my junior year, June 2015, to the present, April 2016, which equaled 1165 photos that I then combined into the barcode at the top. The professor that had shown my group the Movie Barcode made a fairly easy to use barcoder, that I encourage you to experiment with.

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Latin is my major and teaching is my aim. I enjoy puns and making learning and life dorkily effective. This is the term I use to define my teaching philosophy. It means that things do get done, but can be done in a dorky fashion.

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