The Brave Little Kid is Still Within You

Rope CourseToday I questioned why I ever thought I could be Kim Possible. As a kid, she was my idol. While I didn’t try and fight bad guys growing up, I always tried to do the right thing. But there was still a part of me that thought “I can do it! I could be the real Kim one day!” But it never really happen and I always understood why. I’m afraid of heights, going upside down and just being in the air in general. I am more like Ron Stoppable, and that isn’t the worst thing. Ron still did everything Kim did, just not as graceful and not as fast. But regardless of how I am, there has always been that kid within me saying “I can do it!”

Today that was put to the test. I had to do a rope course, and it was not my choice of an activity. I wasn’t forced into it, and we were allowed to say no, but were highly encouraged to try and if we had to stop we could. My group was the only one to take the high rope course which was 40 feet compared to the lower course that was 25 feet high. Not only was there a height difference between the courses, but the higher one was mostly walking on wire, opposed to the lower one which was mainly boards and logs. At several times I just wish I could have either jumped down or I hadn’t gotten on at all. But the little kid within me said “I can do it!” I had already made it through the first section, I can do the next. I focused it at one section at a time and said it was my only way of getting down. I fell during the first section, but after the second and the third I had been able to control my balance better. It also helped that I had a great partner and supportive group that wasn’t negative. We only gave words of encouragement because most, if not all of us were out of our comfort zone at one point throughout the course, and negativity doesn’t help when conquering fear.

Looking back, I’m glad I completed the rope course, but I’m not jumping┬áto the front of the┬áline to go back up. The fact that I did it, however, shows that the brave little kid I once was or thought I was, is still inside me encouraging me to trust those around me and to trust myself to do what I didn’t think was possible. And even though it caused me to question why I ever thought I could be Kim Possible, I’m still okay with that. Kim Possible wasn’t just about doing fancy and dangerous stuff, but taking risks and doing the right thing. Without that little kid, it is hard to help yourself grow, as well as be a guide and aide to those around you. So don’t forget the little kid, s/he is still there and helping you be more than you were before.

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Latin is my major and teaching is my aim. I enjoy puns and making learning and life dorkily effective. This is the term I use to define my teaching philosophy. It means that things do get done, but can be done in a dorky fashion.

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