Finding the Source of the Poison Apple

The first crack at taking apart an iPhone 5c.

The first crack at taking apart an iPhone 5c.


There are many different ways to document taking apart an iPhone, or any digital device. I originally thought of just taking pictures of the steps as I went. Then a friend suggested recording the process. I considered that for the longest time. And that was my plan up until I went to set up the operation table. Where I was planning on working, which would have given me access to a hovering camera, was occupied, so I stuck with one of the small desk cubicles to perform my operation. I set up the phone and tools I was going to need to take apart this Posion Apple. I snapped the first picture and instantly wanted to share it with someone, anyone. So I ended up documenting the operation through live tweeting the process. I notified my friends and classmates and professors to gain a bit of an audience. I tagged my operation through the hashtags: #poisonapple #dgst101 and #labor.

For the time being, the collection of tweets regarding the dissection will be unavailable until I have the time to transfer the story to a new platform. I apologize for the inconvenience.


This project was about the labor that goes into making the devices that control our lives. I thought most of the process was machine operated, but once the pieces are made, they are placed together by hand. Once I learned this, I felt horrible for dismantling something that someone spent a better part of their day making for only $2 an hour. As for where the pieces are from themselves, I did not find out all that I wanted to, but I found what I could, and that is what counts.


Half way through the project my laptop said it’s final words and died after six long years. While I tried to revive it, my phone shut off for some unknown reason. Thankfully, I was able to revive my phone, but sadly, not my laptop. In the morning, my laptop was still dead, but then my iPod started acting up. Because of these three tech glitches within 24 hours, I am led to believe that whatever poison is in the apple has made me radioactive and it trying to kill my technology. It is strange how disconnected I feel while my technology held on by a wire (aka a charger cord).

Dissolvement of the 3Ds of Devices

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