Omnipast, Omnipresent and Omnifuture

Two weeks or so ago, I was assigned to read Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson. If I wasn’t assigned this book, I would not have read. Nevertheless, I’ve read the book. It was supposed to be set in the future, but all I saw was the past (when I ignored the presences of the A.I. that help run the world). The sense of a timeless future formed in my mind. It took scenes from other medias and changed them into Hopkinson’s version. To the best of my abilities, I morphed the scenes that popped in my head.



by Stephanie Buckler

Three verses came to me at night

They spoke of wonders

They spoke of a light

that travels endlessly.

No one knows when it started

They tried to find the end.

Did they catch it?

It’s the same thing again.

Three pictures dance into my dreams.

They show the status quo

They show what is unseen

throughout the world.

I try to remember all the shapes,

but I cannot mend the lines.

Three beats will play in my ears,

They will sound a different tune

They will sound an awakening

mixed in an endless light.

My lips will try to kiss the sound

but nonsense will fill the air.

It, I will never catch.

What has been said

What is seen

and what will be heard

Is shared by the mending of time through our words

About Stephanie

Latin is my major and teaching is my aim. I enjoy puns and making learning and life dorkily effective. This is the term I use to define my teaching philosophy. It means that things do get done, but can be done in a dorky fashion.

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