How to Effectively Stretch a Rubber Band

Rubber bands are very under appreciated. They get a bad reputation for drying out and being painful. However, they make a great metaphor for the strength and weaknesses one, myself in particular, might have about teaching.


The slip relates to those moments during instruction when either a tangent or excess information is given. This is something that haunts me in life. I am known for going off on tangents and provided too much detail about one thing and not enough about another. I am constantly monitoring what I am saying and if it is useful information to the matter at hand. The goal is to become more aware and mindful of this trait as I become a more seasoned teacher.


vs. Slap

The slap is when you let go of a rubber band and it bites your finger tips and burns for a bit. This moment in stretching out a rubber band relates to the times that my instruction and my management do not overlap the way I want them to. A perfect lesson will be a train wreck if there isn’t any management. This differs from a slip, because there is more of a burn when management has to be addressed repeatedly. However, I am not worried about a slap occurring during my instruction. I have a strong passion for management and I feel confident in implementing the ideas I have to be dorkily effective in my delivery of instruction and management.


However, at the same time I am worried about snapping just like a rubber band when my students have pulled me as far as I can stretch. I have a few pet peeves that will stretch my patience faster than other things. I have had practice lengthening my fuse of tolerating these peeves more so than I have previously. It is again something that will have to be at the forefront of my mind as the peeves start to focus. I also have a debate of letting my students know what these peeves are, to warn them. Yet, I am concerned about the student that might take that knowledge and use it just to stretch my patience.


The best feeling with a rubber band is when you wrap it what ever object(s) you are trying to hold together. These are the ideal days that I want to happen everyday. This desire is an Achilles’ heel. There more days I have that are not like this, the more it will wear on me. However, a piece of mind I need to hold on to for the future is that the slips, slaps, and snaps will make the snug all the more important and empowering.

About Stephanie

Latin is my major and teaching is my aim. I enjoy puns and making learning and life dorkily effective. This is the term I use to define my teaching philosophy. It means that things do get done, but can be done in a dorky fashion.

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